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What it’s like to live with bipolar disorder – The Telegraph

Wing-Sum Wong works in finance for PwC, is the president of London Ladies Climbing and runs the Instagram account @projectchalk. She also suffers from bipolar disorder.

After celebrity Mariah Carey opened up this week about her battle with bipolar disorder and her hesitance to seek treatment, Wing explains here why she’s chosen to be open with her friends, family, colleagues and followers about the condition.

I didn’t realise I was bipolar for a very long time. My first diagnosis was depression and my medication masked the ‘ups’. It wasn’t until I was put on new medication during my last episode that I was bouncing off the ceiling for no real reason.

Everyone’s bipolar is different on a very, very drastic scale, so I can only talk about my own. I’m mostly functional, but I do get into states of depression, and sometimes I have prolonged depression for months. That can be difficult. But I’m sometimes very high. It just switches quickly for me: it’s a cliff edge effect – whereas some people experience the change more gradually. When my psychiatrist and I were discussing symptoms and the diagnosis of my bipolar disorder we also discussed cyclothymia or cyclothymic disorder, which I hadn’t heard of up until that point.

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