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‘We need people to understand autism’ says Saints chief executive – St Helens Star

THE man at the helm of St Helens rugby league club has revealed how his desire to see greater awareness of autism will fuel his challenge to take on the London Marathon.

Mike Rush, Saints’ chief executive, is in training for the run to support a cause “important to both him and the club”.

The 42-year-old father-of-four from Windle, who will be joined on the challenge on Sunday, April 22 by his friend Martin Hill, aims to break down some of the misconceptions about the autism spectrum.

Mike told the Star: “At Saints we work a lot with St Helens local authority supporting various charities, and autism awareness is something that is important to us, which can be seen with our Magic Weekend shirts.

“We have seven or eight members of staff working at the club who are on the spectrum.

“After watching Chris Packham’s Asperger’s and Me I realised a bit more about what people and families go through.

“It really is a spectrum, no two people are the same and I know quite a few people with the condition, so decided to do something and challenged myself into doing the London Marathon.

“I think more needs to be done to raise awareness of autism and that it affects everyone very differently, not everyone is like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man.”

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