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UK researchers call for all stroke survivors to be screened for potential visual impairment – Nursing Times

All stroke survivors require screening for visual impairment, according to UK researchers who have examined the wide range of sight problems developed by such patients.

Their new study, published in the journal Brain and Behaviour, looked at 915 post-stroke patients with an average age of 69 from 20 NHS hospital trusts.

The researchers, from the University of Liverpool, found just 18% had a normal visual assessment, while 92% had a confirmed sight impairment.

Of those found to have an impairment, 24% had reduced central visual acuity, 16% had acquired strabismus and 68% had acquired ocular motility disorders.

Meanwhile, peripheral visual field loss was present in 52%, most commonly homonymous hemianopia, said the researchers.

In addition, 15% had visual inattention and 4.6% had other visual perceptual disorders.

Visual inattention, causing patients to ignore everything on one side of their visual world, usually affects people who have had a right sided stroke and they ignore things on their left side.

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