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This Photo Helped A Girl With Spina Bifida See The Beauty Of Her Scar – HuffPost UK

Emilia had never properly seen the scar on her back, the result of an operation she underwent as a baby. So the six-year-old was not going to pass up an opportunity to finally get a good look at the mark she is so proud of, as it makes her ‘scar buddies’ with her mum Jenny.

Jenny has a scar across her lower stomach, as Emilia was born via planned caesarean section. Emilia has spina bifida, a condition that has left her paralysed from the knees down

Jenny had agreed to take part in ‘The Gold Dust Project’, a photo series by Grace Elizabeth, which aims to celebrate the beauty of the scars and stretch marks women gain as they become mothers.

Grace said despite Emilia’s young age she understood what she was trying to do with this project and knew her scar made her an ideal subject.

“Absolute brownie points to Emilia for her adamancy to have her scar photographed with her mum, no matter what: it was no mean feat for her to hold herself up, but she doesn’t let anything stop her and I’m so grateful to her for her positive attitude,” said Grace.

“Emilia whizzed around on her bum when I arrived to take photos (she’d eagerly been asking her mum ‘when is the photo lady coming?’) and was so excited by the project, having never properly seen her scar before, because of its awkward placement. So, I popped some gold paint onto her, and took this photo to show her what it looked like. Her reaction was incredible, and it was one of the most amazing feelings, to see her so proud of her scar, and showing it off.

“In fact she was so proud that I have since heard that Jenny has had a hard time getting her to have a bath to wash it off!”

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