The ‘super happy’ musical about depression coming to Hull – Hull Daily Mail

An award-winning “happy” musical about depression has been funded by Hull’s Clinical Commissioning Group.

‘A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad)’ is a “hilarious cabaret musical” about depression that aims to tell its theatre-goers that it is “ok not to be ok.”

The show is brought by Hull-based Silent Uproar and is influenced by the company’s own experiences with mental health problems.

The show, co-produced by Hull UK City of Culture 2017, is touring the UK and will visit the University of Hull on November 1 and 2.

The performances have been funded by the NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) as a way to raise awareness of mental health issues among strudents.

They have also arranged for the cast and crew to have mental health awareness training with Hull and East Yorkshire MIND.

Materials with advice and guidance for those with mental health problems will be available throughout the showings, meaning if anyone is affected they will be able to talk to someone there.

Revellers will be able to take part in a “Pay What You Decide trip,” where they pay at the end what they think the show is worth.

Dr Dan Roper, who is head of the CCG Board, said: “We are supporting the theatre group really to improve access for students at the University.

“I spoke with Martin, the producer and we felt the CCG wanted to be involved and I put him in touch with the City Healthcare Partnership to provide the cast with training with dealing with mental health issues and to produce materials to help and guide people with mental health problems.

“The group are taking the show on tour for around 30 odd days. It’s about taking serious stuff not so seriously but still taking it seriously.

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