The Simple Act of Opening a Door for Someone – Muscular Dystrophy News

Society is an odd concept if you really think about it. It controls us like puppets on a string. As society continues to evolve, it seems to value chivalry and manners less over time. This can pose an issue for those of us in need of assistance to get through life.

As a writer, I like to think that I am making a difference. I always aim to help people understand what it’s like to see the world from my eyes — which are closer to the ground because I sit in a wheelchair.

For someone with a disability, doors are a nuisance. They make life even more complicated for those who use mobility aids. My mother also is disabled due to mitochondrial myopathy, and we’ve ended up in pickles when we’re cruising around and come across a door. You would be shocked if I told you the number of times I have sat in front of a door waiting for someone to open it for me graciously. One incident stands out in my mind clearer than the rest.

It was a sunny afternoon here in Southern California. My mother and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and grab some lunch at Panera Bread. When we arrived, we were overjoyed to score a disabled parking spot right in front of the restaurant.

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