Team Holmes vs Cerebral Palsy – The Stone & Eccleshall Gazette

A Stone family has launched a campaign to raise funds for their twin boys Charlie and Freddie Holmes. The boys were both born prematurely and were later diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. The family, who have lived in Stone for three years, also have a younger child, Bob, who is two (nearly three). Freddie and Bob both attend schools/nursery in Stone and Charlie attends Greenhall in Stafford.

Jo Holmes, the twin boys’ mum, told the Gazette:

“We have just started a fundraising campaign to raise £20k for them, on JustGiving using the charity just4children. Our campaign name is Team Holmes vs Cerebral Palsy.

“Charlie and Freddie were born at 30 weeks and spent the first seven weeks of their lives in NICU, at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. We were told that Charlie had a cyst on his brain at two weeks old and this then led on to a diagnosis of quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Freddie was not diagnosed until much later, around two years, when he failed to meet some of his important milestones. Freddie has a diagnosis of Diplegic Cerebral Palsy.

“Both boys are always smiling and laughing, and everyone always comments on how happy they are.

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