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‘Sneaky’ cuts to council mowing spark Lyme disease fears among Bath parents – Somerset Live

“Sneaky but drastic” budget cuts mean a Bath mum is checking her children every day for disease-carrying insects from the two-foot-high grass around her home.

Cova Corripio claimed Bath and North East Somerset Council had not told residents it would only bring in the mowers twice a year in some areas – resulting in a “public health hazard” she compared to Grenfell Tower.

She is warning of the risks of rats and snakes, as well as ticks and other pests that could lurk in the grass that can spread infections like Lyme disease and typhus.

BANES Council says it takes public health “extremely seriously” and has led the way in working with Public Health England to assess and mitigate the risks posed by the bugs.

Ms Corripio, of Purlewent Drive, Upper Weston, Bath, said: “I duly pay my council tax and in return the council considers it acceptable to put my family at risk. This is absolutely unacceptable.

“While we have received an unlimited number of marketing and leaflets on changes to waste collection, the council has decided not to inform the population of Bath of sneaky but drastic budget cuts to the parks department which mean the council is no longer able to maintain the residential grassland it owns.

“Without any public enquiry or open consultation to residents, they have devised a ludicrous plan based on no data and no resident-led information to decide what grass gets cut and what grass doesn’t.

“I am now faced with the constant hazard of ticks and other pests right on my doorstep and I will have to check my children for these pests daily to avoid disease.

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