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Scottish woman left bed-ridden for EIGHT YEARS after contracting Lyme Disease from tick bite – The Scottish Sun

A WOMAN left bed-ridden for EIGHT YEARS after being bitten by a tick has written a book about her illness battle.

Morven-May MacCallum, 25, was robbed of her teenage years when she contracted Lyme Disease from the insect.

She has been living with the bacterial infection for almost a decade.

At one point Morven-May — from the Black Isle, Ester Ross — was so unwell she could barely speak, watch TV or walk to the bathroom without help from her mum Jean, 55.

She says: “When I was 15 the symptoms really became permanent and they were multiplying.

“I had to drop out of school at 16 because the symptoms were becoming so overpowering. I struggled to even watch TV because I couldn’t understand what was happening. I started having difficulty forming words. I had problems with my memory.

“My mum would have to carry me from one room to another. I was like a very frail, elderly person.

“I was virtually housebound for about eight years. It was absolutely devastating because I had plans to go to university and do nursing.

“It was incredibly lonely and isolating. This disease really does suffocate you and it’s devastating.”

Morven-May said she doesn’t remember getting the bite but first came down with severe, flu-like symptoms when she was 14.

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