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Parents’ Lyme Disease fears as children on Great Orme are bitten by ticks – Daily Post North Wales

Worried parents living on the Great Orme are having to check their children daily for ticks amid fears they could contract Lyme Disease.

It comes after a number of families reported finding the tiny blood sucking insects attached to their child’s skin after they were playing in and around a park on Llwynon Road.

The spider-like creatures, which feed on human and animal blood can sometimes carry the potentially fatal disease, and are often found in grassy areas.

Mandy Jones who lives on the Great Orme said her 13-year-old daughter was bitten and is now on medication.

She said: “She had two ticks within a week. I removed them both, but after the second one was removed the area became red and swollen and she had developed the classic bullseye rash, that is associated with Lyme disease.

“I took her to the GP who prescribed her antibiotics to prevent Lyme disease.

“It’s really worrying that the amount of tick bites children on the Orme seems to be increasing. I do worry the children could be infected again by tick bites.”

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