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Parents face race to raise £300000 in bid to save Poppy’s life – The Southern Reporter

A Hawick soldier and his former partner are in a race against the clock to raise £300,000 needed to save the life of their desperately ill daughter.

Poppy Shields, now two and a half, was diagnosed with type-one neurofibromatosis in July of last year.

On the day that diagnosis was confirmed, the lives of her parents, dad Robbie Shields, of Hawick, and mum Ellena Martin, of Kent, changed for ever.

The disease has caused a tumour to grow behind Poppy’e eye, and despite 58 rounds of chemotherapy, her parents have been told it is inoperable in the UK.

Their only hope is to send Poppy for pioneering treatment in the US, but that, they estimate, will cost £300,000 once the costs of insurance and travel are added.

Now they face a race to raise that money in time to give Poppy a hope of recovery, as the tumour is continuing to grow.

Mum Ellena has set up a Crowdfunding page and dad Robbie is planning an 840-mile sponsored cycle ride to help reach the target, and the latter’s family in Hawick are organising fundraising efforts too.

Ellena, 21, said: “My beautiful daughter Poppy was first diagnosed in early July 2016 when she was just 16 months old, and our lives will never be the same again.

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