Parents appeal as brave Oscar, 4, needs £90k for life changing treatment – Hull Daily Mail

Parents are desperately appealing for money to enable their young son with cerebral palsy to access life changing treatment.

Emily and Aaron Sproxon’s four-year-old son, Oscar, suffers from Quadriplegic Spastic Cerebral Palsy. This means that all four of his limbs are affected by the condition and as a result Oscar cannot sit, stand, walk or talk.

The condition also can leave him in pain, as well as making him frustrated that he is unable do the same things his two-year-old brother, Noah, can.

Oscar’s mum and dad, from Hessle, are trying to raise £90,000 to take him to the USA for a revolutionary operation called SDR. This could improve Oscar’s balance in sitting, standing, transferring and walking skills as well as reducing reduce pain and making every day care easier.

Mrs Sproxon said: “Oscar was born full term but after a lot of difficulties at birth he stopped breathing, which left him with brain damage, causing a diagnosis of cerebral palsy at the age of 18 months.

“Since he was six months old Oscar has had to follow a physical programme of various stretches and activities on a daily basis.

“His condition limits in many ways as he struggles with most everyday activities such as sitting, standing, talking and walking unaided.”

The treatment

The treatment for Oscar in America is not yet available on the NHS, and he is currently on a lot of medication to help his condition.

“Oscar takes various medication several times a day to relax his muscles, to help with spasticity, to prevent myoclonic jerks and to reduce saliva,” said Mrs Sproxon.

“Oscar has very tight hamstrings, which restricts his leg movements and can also cause him pain.

“He’s had botox injections to reduce the tightness, but it soon wears off and isn’t a permanent treatment, which is why we are aiming towards Oscar’s permanent SDR surgery in the USA.

“We saw that two twins from Hull went to the USA for the same treatment which was really successful, so that’s why we are now wanting to do the same thing.”

‘A happy little boy’

Despite everything that Oscar is going through, he does not let his condition get him down. He is in full time education at Frederick Holmes School in Hull, and has a lot of friends there.

“Oscar is a very happy content little boy and he brings joy with his big cheeky smile and brightens up anybody’s day,” said Mrs Sproxon.

“Oscar never asks for anything and he has an understanding that he can’t do everyday activities even though he would like to, but he still makes the most effort to complete and take part in everything he can.

“He is a very bright little boy and is constantly exceeding all expectations of his teachers and therapist, along with us as his parents.

“With the older Oscar is getting though, the harder life is getting as he is is getting more demanding and his muscle are getting tighter.

“This is why the sooner we raise this money, the better chance Oscar has at recovering and the better outcome than we would get from physio.”

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