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Paddy McGuinness tells parents of autistic children: ‘Don’t give up hope on holidays’ – BBC News

Paddy McGuinness is encouraging parents who have children with autism to not “give up hope on holidays”.

The Take Me Out presenter revealed he and wife Christine had finally managed a holiday after four and a half years.

“Being parents with autistic children, for us, family holidays have been a pipe dream until now.

“We managed two days there which for us is massive… we had to take so much stuff but to see our kids having fun was well worth it.”

Paddy and Christine, who is a model, revealed their twins, Penelope and Leo, had autism last year. The four-year-olds are older siblings to Felicity, who was born in 2016.

Paddy’s post showed pictures of not one but two cars stuffed full with pillows, bedding, luggage and pushchairs – showing the amount of organisation that had gone into arranging the two-day trip.

McGuinness’s Instagram feed was soon flooded with messages from other parents who have children on the autistic spectrum.

One wrote: “That’s amazing, so happy for you all… such an achievement, we have our very first holiday for a weekend away in Exeter this month with our two autistic 4-year-old twin boys, never have we been away, so I hope we have the success you guys did. Even if not we will enjoy every minute with them.”

Another posted: “Fantastic… holidays for us are usually six months prep with social stories, visuals, family back-up, short videos, ear defenders, iPads and chargers at the ready.

“It’s exhausting but amazing all at the same time when you see how much fun the kids have and how relaxed they can be. My lovelies both have autism but both amazing larger than life people. Glad you all had an amazing time. Family time is the best.”

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