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Paddy McGuinness launching a new series about life as the father of autistic children – Metro

Paddy McGuinness has revealed that he plans to launch a new TV show about his life as the father of autistic children.

The Take Me Out host admitted to John Bishop that his life was changed forever following the birth of his three children, all of whom have the condition.

Speaking to John Bishop on his In Conversation series, Paddy revealed: ‘I’m just working on it at the minute, I’m going to be doing a programme about it, because I feel that strongly about it.’

‘There’s this scale and it’s like “where are you on the autistic spectrum?” – they’re saying that’s gone now and there isn’t a scale. But I believe there still is, because you can walk into a room with a child with autism and it can be very, very extreme, you can spot it straight away.

‘That child might be doing something like rocking backwards and forwards, being non-verbal. Like sensory, touching things with their tongues – you can instantly see it.’

‘Then you can go into another room, with another child with autism, and they’ll be sat playing with a toy, and you wouldn’t think anything of it,’ he added. ‘Then all of a sudden they can burst into tears and have a real meltdown because the toy isn’t doing what it thinks it should do.’

‘It’s a really, really tricky one to deal with, autism’

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