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Northern Ireland mum of epileptic boy faces arrest for flying home with medicinal cannabis – Belfast Telegraph

A Northern Ireland mum is facing arrest today as she flies into Heathrow Airport with medicinal cannabis she credits with saving her 12-year-old son’s life.

Charlotte Caldwell is risking her own freedom in her fight for her son, Billy, to continue to receive the medication he needs to keep potentially deadly seizures at bay. It comes after Home Office officials warned her GP to stop prescribing the drug to the youngster.

Charlotte travelled to Canada last week with Billy, where he was assessed by doctors there and provided with medicinal cannabis. The mum, from Castlederg in Co Tyrone, said she will declare the fact she is carrying the medication to airport officials on their return from Toronto, who could arrest her, confiscate the drug, or allow her to continue on her return journey to Northern Ireland with the medicine.

Ahead of her eight-hour flight, she vowed she will continue in her campaign to allow doctors across the UK to be permitted to write NHS prescriptions for medicinal cannabis, regardless of any action taken against her.

“I am praying that airport staff will let us through with Billy’s life-saving medicine,” she said.

“I shouldn’t have to break the law, but I would rather my son was illegally alive than legally dead.

“If I don’t see to it that Billy has his medicine, I would be doing a disservice and would be party to assisting our government officials in signing his death warrant.

“Medicinal cannabis has given me back my right as a mummy to hope, but most importantly it has given Billy back his right to life.

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