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Neale Daniher to step back from FightMND Foundation to focus on own motor neurone disease battle – Herald Sun

NEALE Daniher doesn’t kid himself.

By the time scientists find a cure for motor neurone disease he won’t be around to see it.

It’s hardly a predicament worth smiling about, but it’s never really stopped him.

During a string of television appearances this week, the former Melbourne coach issued his trademark grin and a familiar footy phrase to sum it all up — he would play on as long as he could.

For if there was one thing that MND can’t steal, it’s his attitude.

“You choose your own way,” he said.

“And my attitude is don’t give up, don’t give in. It can’t take that from you.”

The reality is Monday’s Big Freeze 4 will likely be the last time Daniher will be front and centre for the fundraiser he co-founded.

If he’s still here this time next year, the condition will have stripped him of all speech, just as it will make its cruel advance within the bodies of more than 2000 other people around Australia.

Four years since he was diagnosed, his tireless campaign will be picked up and carried forward by thousands of supporters who have joined the fight.

Former Melbourne Football Club board member Bill Guest said that would be his mate’s greatest legacy.

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