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Multiple Sclerosis Society volunteer shortlisted for Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year Community Award – Chelmsford Weekly News

A woman from Chelmsford has been shortlisted for the prestigious Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year Community Award.

Ann Davis, 70, who runs the Multiple Sclerosis Society in Chelmsford and Brentwood, was nominated for the award by the volunteering organisation, Join In, after they saw the work she did getting people with MS to participate in sport.

Describing what she does, Davis said: “It’s about getting people into grassroots sports. It’s a social thing as much as it is a physical thing.”

Davis’s most recent venture, which contributed to her being shortlisted for the award, is getting people with MS to play Boccia.

Boccia is a precision ball sport, similar to bowls, played by people with severe disabilities affecting their motor skills.

She was introduced to the sport by gold medal winning Paralympian Boccia player, Dan Bentley, who she met at the Discover Festival in Chelmsford.

He later came to her sessions and helped her introduce the sport to her group.

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