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Montrose Lyme disease sufferer left shocked by “mocking” GP comments – The Courier

An Angus woman battling deadly Lyme disease has expressed shock after sufferers were “mocked” by some medical professionals.

Lorraine Murray from Montrose said she was dismayed by the tone and language used on a public forum for GPs after a new draft guideline was published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice).

Comments on the public forum on the Pulse website included disparaging comments such as the line “kowtowing to the nutters” which upset many Lyme disease sufferers and Mrs Murray said that hasn’t helped in terms of feelings of mistrust towards the medical profession as a whole.

Mrs Murray said GPs “mocked it” because they “desperately need good active tests that will detect all the species in the first instance” and require a symptom list to look out for.

Symptoms can include flu-like complaints of aching, fever, headache; fatigue; sweating; joint pain; light and sound sensitivity; abnormal skin sensations (tingling, numbness, itching); stiff neck and rash.

She said: “You wouldn’t wish this disease on your worst enemy.

“You can imagine now having all or some of these symptoms and being left quite disabled then reading these mockery responses from GPs.

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