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Lincolnshire hospitals open one-stop foot clinics for people with diabetes –

New foot clinics have been introduced in Lincolnshire in a bid to reduce foot amputations in people with diabetes.

The new initiative from Lincoln County Hospital and Pilgrim Hospital provides a one-stop foot clinic where patients can receive screening, scans, check-ups and treatment all in one visit.

This type of delivery helps to reduce the time spent between appointments and for any diagnosed problems to be immediately treated.

Mr Murali Subramaniam, a Vascular Surgeon on the team, said: “Time is so important in these cases and having to wait for a referral to the diabetes foot team or vascular team could make a real difference between a patient keeping their foot or having to have it amputated. It really is that serious.”

People with diabetes have a higher risk of foot problems, with one in 10 expected to develop a foot ulcer at some point in their life. However, keeping good control of blood glucose levels, eating healthily and getting regular exercise can lower this risk significantly.

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