Lanarkshire lad, 6, who suffers 10 seizures A NIGHT from epilepsy – refused medical cannabis as he doesn’t qualify – The Scottish Sun

Mum Lisa Quarrell, 37, believes the drug could halt progressive damage to his speech, memory and movement.

She said: “I am working against the clock to save my beautiful son. Cole has seizures every night. He has to sleep beside me to allow me to keep close eye on him.

“When he wakes up he is unable to move his right side or speak.”

New regulations came into force on November 1 which now allow doctors to prescribe medical cannabis for two forms of epilepsy.

But Cole has neither of the two epilepsy conditions where cannabis can be prescribed.

Without a clear diagnosis, and with the guidelines being so limited in their recommendations, getting medical cannabis prescribed for Cole could take many months – if at all.

Lisa fears that by the time a full diagnosis has been made, Cole will have suffered permanent injuries.

The schoolboy had brain surgery when he was two but the seizures returned after six months.

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