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How to get involved in Diabetes Awareness Week – Metro

Almost four million people in the UK have diabetes in 2018, a figure which has doubled since 1998.

The disease, which comes in Type 1 and Type 2, is a tough reality for so many, and 700 people are still diagnosed per day. Getting diabetes, which in most cases is preventable, can leave some feeling very isolated.

Meanwhile, many remain in the dark about the differences between the types of diabetes, and how they’re treated.

Luckily, from Monday 11 June, it’s actually Diabetes Awareness Week, the perfect time to spread some tips and knowledge on the subject. But how?

Charity Diabetes UK has organised two ways for you to take part in the conversation between now and Sunday 17 June.

If you have any pearls of wisdom about diabetes, an experience you wish to share, any tips for dealing with it, or anything else that’s relevant, you are invited to share it.

Whether it’s in photo, video, text or another format, Diabetes UK has an upload tool here.

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