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Hillingdon Manor School students perform at event aimed at showcasing autistic talent – Ealing Times

Options, the specialist autism service provider of Outcomes First Group, has helped to showcase autistic talent by sponsoring this year’s Autism’s Got Talent.

Created in 2012 by Anna Kennedy’s autism charity Anna Kennedy Online, the event was supported once again by Pineapple Performing Arts School.

Autism’s Got Talent celebrates performers who are on the autism spectrum. Over previous years, it has showcased an array of incredible talent and proved a tour de force emotionally, both challenging and changing perceptions of autism.

Speaking after the event, Anna said: “It was such a very special event – extremely poignant for those with autism and their families. The show was so good, I’m not quite sure how but it just gets better every year.

“Those who took part had masses of fun doing what they love and just being themselves. It was amazing to watch – we need to bottle up the feeling and sell it!”

The show included talent from people of all ages, including actors, singers, musicians and dancers.

This year, there were 18 national acts which included a performance from 20 students from Hillingdon Manor School.

Their act, ‘Autism with Attitude’, included a dance routine choreographed by their dance teacher, Jonathon Baron.

The evening also included an act from one of the students from Baston House School, which was be represented at the event for the first time this year.

Options, part of the Outcomes First Group, provides specialist services for children and young adults across England and Wales with autistic spectrum conditions (ASC) and learning disabilities.

Anna, who also founded autism-specialist school Hillingdon Manor, is dedicated to raising awareness and ensuring that people with autism are accepted for who they are.

Earlier this year Anna Kennedy Online launched the album, Building Bridges, featuring tracks performed by artists who mostly all participated in previous Autism’s Got Talent Shows – providing another opportunity for performers with Autistic Spectrum Conditions to showcase their talent.

Source: Hillingdon Manor School students perform at event aimed at showcasing autistic talent – Ealing Times

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