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Healthy dad who suffered stroke at 37 losing full speech reveals heartbreaking wish to speak with family again –

A new dad who suffered a stroke in his thirties has revealed that all he wants is to be able to talk freely to his wife and baby son.

Scott Strachan was a fit and healthy 37-year-old when he suddenly collapsed at home.

His wife Emma found him lying face down on their bedroom floor.

Working as a nurse she was quick to recognise the signs of a stroke when she saw his drooping mouth – despite paramedics assuring her he was too young.

When she found him at their home in Glasgow, Scott’s oxygen levels were dangerously low and he was just minutes away from falling unconscious.

At hospital, doctors discovered he had suffered a large artery stroke – a type of ischemic stroke, which is caused by blockage of a blood vessel supplying the brain.

The blockage was on the left side of Scott’s brain, which can result in right body weakness and speech problems.

Scott, now 40, spent more than four months in hospital in Glasgow and had to learn to walk again.

But he says the most difficult aspect part of it all has been losing his voice, as he can’t communicate properly with his young son Sebastian.

Scott said: “Emma and Sebastian and my dog Marnie are my reasons to live and be happy. It’s my greatest wish to talk again, normally.

“Emma has told me some things that I don’t remember, which is scary.”

Scott had always been active and enjoyed running and snowboarding when his life changed on July 15, 2015.

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