Glasgow dancer with Down’s syndrome to speak at world congress – STV News

An inspirational dancer from Glasgow is set to take part in the biggest Down’s syndrome congress in the world.

Talented Adam Sloan, 26, who began learning to dance as a teenager, says he is “proud and honoured” to share his story while welcoming other families to Scotland.

Adam, who has Down’s syndrome and cystic fibrosis, works as a Contemporary Dance Artist with Indepen-dance, Scotland’s largest inclusive dance company.

His work with them has meant he has danced all over Britain and Europe and even as far as Bangkok.

“I love my job because I get to be creative, work with interesting people and travel to fantastic places,” he says.

In 2016, Adam was awarded a lifetime Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts and Science, one of only five given in Britain to people with learning disabilities.

The award was granted to help him develop as a choreographer, a career goal he says is exciting and has allowed him to “fulfil one of my biggest dreams”.

Glasgow will host the 13th World Down Syndrome Congress in July.

A global event attended by more than 1200 families and people with Down’s syndrome, it will be the first time in 32 years that it has been held in the UK.

Health care practitioners, education professionals and experts at the forefront of research and best practice in the care and development of people with the condition will be there.

Adam will join a host of other inspirational speakers willing to share their stories of life with the condition.

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