Epilepsy: ‘I’m not daydreaming Miss, I’m having a seizure’ – BBC News

“When I was younger my teachers thought I was naughty and ‘away with the fairies’. But I was having absence seizures,” says Olivia Salvati, 21.

“It’s not like daydreaming – it’s like having a horrendous nightmare that leaves you feeling completely drained.”

Olivia found that her absence seizures – a type of epilepsy – meant she was often perceived as not concentrating.

To raise awareness, she is fronting a campaign by the charity Young Epilepsy to help educators recognise the signs.

The charity says most schools in the UK will have at least one student who has epilepsy and that teachers should be aware that signs can often go unnoticed for many years.

In a survey of 507 young people who experience absence seizures – sometimes called “petit mals” – or their parents, the charity found one third were unhappy with the support on offer at school, college or university.

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