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Our Mission

Our mission is to enable access to public places for ALL people with any form of disability. Our experience has disabled members of society has shown that many simple everyday tasks relating to travel and getting out and about are so much easier for the able-bodied than those with disabilities. We want to change this and make it the same for everyone.

Case Studies

Accessible Restaurant

We recently made a reservation at a restaurant by telephone asking if it was accessible and had an accessible toilet, these points were confirmed, the one caveat being that there was a small step from the pavement into the restaurant. When we visited the restaurant, the small step turned out to be between 20-25cm due to a significant gradient on the pavement. My wheelchair which is capable of climbing a curb, aka “small step”, could not possibly get me into this restaurant. If the height of the step was defined and clear, then this would never have occurred. We ended up visiting another restaurant.


Booking of a hotel room

Visiting most travel agents websites, it is not possible to reserve a room with accessible features. To do this it is necessary to telephone the hotel and in most cases trying to find somebody who understands the meaning of accessible and asking them to describe the facilities on offer. In all cases, the reply will be subjective and will vary from individual to individual. If wanting to compare hotels multiple phone calls combined with web browsing can take several hours to arrive at a satisfactory result.

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