Queen Alexandra College (QAC)

Queen Alexandra College (QAC) is a Specialist College based in Birmingham. We welcome students who come to our College from all over the country – as well as many who are local to us.

The College has been at its current location since 1903. Our original purpose was to provide education for young people who were blind or visually impaired. Today, in addition to supporting people who have a visual impairment, we now offer support and guidance for students on the Autistic Spectrum (including individuals with Asperger’s syndrome), those with moderate to severe learning difficulties, students with physical disabilities and those with other needs. Ultimately, we have a great mix of students which adds to the wonderful atmosphere here in College.

There are over 230 students studying here at QAC but you will be pleased to know that class sizes are small and support levels are high.

QAC creates challenging learning opportunities for people with visual impairment and/or other disabilities to realise their potential to work and to live independently.

Why choose QAC?

The reason why so many students choose QAC is because it offers a great variety of academic and employment focused courses. This combination with excellent learning and leisure facilities and friendly staff is a winner.

During their time at QAC learners are able to develop their academic as well as their social skills, make new friends and enjoy being independent and responsible for their own decisions and actions.

“I visited other colleges as well but when I came for an assessment to QAC I had a really good feeling about this place and that helped me to make my final decision about coming to QAC as opposed to other colleges for the visually impaired.” – Natasha



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