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Driverless Vehicles – Disability Research

Driverless Vehicles: Disability Research

Driverless Vehicles: Disability Research

My name is Ross Williams and I am undertaking a masters dissertation at University College London in Transport & City Planning. I would greatly appreciate your responses to this survey which I hope will contribute to the understanding of and influence how driverless vehicles can be of benefit to disabled users. The whole survey should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Many industry and media reports suggest driverless vehicles will benefit disabled users. However, little detail is given on how it will be of benefit and importantly what disabled users want and need with a driverless transport offering.

This survey is only concerned with fully autonomous / driverless vehicles (i.e. vehicles which require no driver and are capable of completing all driving functions everywhere and all the time without human intervention).

Please note all answers are treated confidentially and are only to be used for the purposes of research.

Before the questions start, below are a few images of fully autonomous / driverless vehicles to help contextualise the survey.

Waymo Driverless Taxi
Mock up design of the interior of a driverless vehicle
Mock up design of a driverless bus



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