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Doctor Who: How the dyspraxic assistant became my hero – BBC News

Ever since the 2005 series reboot, I’ve been hooked on Who. So, I was surprised to find my highlight of the opening episode of the new series was nothing to do with the latest Doctor’s debut but involved a relatively minor character falling off a bike.

More than 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with dyspraxia. And Sunday night was the first time I have ever come across a fictional character portraying my disability.

The episode has received broadly positive reviews, most focusing on the spectacular performance of the first female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

But for me it acquired real resonance when Tosin Cole was introduced as Ryan, a young man with dyspraxia.

Doctors will tell you dyspraxia is a “developmental co-ordination disorder” but this can cover a wide range.

Someone with dyspraxia might have problems with fine motor skills, such as hand-writing and typing.

I want to ride my bicycle

Others, including me, might struggle with memory, planning and organisation, and particularly with learning skills involving coordination – catching a ball or riding a bike.

Which is where Doctor Who comes in.

Soon after we meet Ryan, he too is finding it impossible to keep his balance on a bicycle.

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