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Diabetes prevention diet: Snacking on THIS unlikely fruit could STOP symptoms developing –

DIABETES symptoms include fatigue and excessive hunger. However, adding red berries – like strawberries and raspberries – to your diet could help prevent it.

Diabetes affects 3.5 million people in the UK, and is set to rise to five million by 2025, according to Diabetes UK.

While type 1 is often present from a very young age, type 2 is usually caused in later life by being overweight and a lack of exercise.

However, consuming certain foods can help reduce your risk of symptoms.

These include red berries – such as raspberries and strawberries – according to one expert.

“Berry consumption has been linked to improved aspects of health,” said Dr Emma Derbyshire.

“They contain polyphenols, mainly as anthocyanins, along with a host of micronutrients and fibre.

“It is this powerful combination that has been linked to reduced risk of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.”

Health benefits are one of the reasons cited by British Summer Fruits, the industry body that represents 98 per cent of berries sold in the UK, for the trebling of berry sales over the past decade.

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