Coventry family go viral with Down’s Syndrome music video – Coventry Live

After their last video had more than four million hits on YouTube, three Coventry mums are back again with their children.

The last video saw the mums and their kids do a Carpool Karaoke style video to raise awareness of Down’s Syndrome that had millions of hits and celebrity endorsements.

This year they’ve titled the video 50 Ordinary Families, sharing One extra-ordinary journey, because of one extra chromosome and it once again tugs at the heartstrings.

Set in their normal, family surroundings, the families all film themselves – and their children – using Makaton.

Makaton is a way of communicating, and became highlighted in the previous Carpool Karaoke video the Down’s Syndrome mums did just six months ago.

The new video is to mark Down’s Syndrome Awareness month in October.

Endless possibilities

Rebecca Carless, a trustee for Wouldn’t Change a Thing, spoke to CoventryLive about the possibilities the charity has on the back of the last video.

She said: “It’s starting to go mental again.

“Last time we had millions of views just on YouTube of our Carpool Karaoke video, and even made James Corden cry.

“We achieved so much with that, and have now even got a charity called Wouldn’t Change a Thing, which I’m a trustee of.

“All because of that video, we’ve managed to raise so much more awareness of Down’s Syndrome, and we are going again with another video.

“The idea this time just came from us putting our heads together and coming up with ideas.

“The song suited Makaton perfectly, and the storytelling went with it.

“We hope to get James Corden tweeting about it again, that was incredible and sent it even more crazy.

“The video is already going viral with nearly a million hits, and we just want to keep that going.”

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