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Bulford family say epilepsy gadget worn like necklace could save lives – Spire FM

A Wiltshire couple who lost their son to a form of epilepsy believe a tiny device that resembles a necklace could save the lives of hundreds of others.

Barrie and Jan Burns, from Bulford, have welcomed news the European Research Council is to invest 2 million euros into researching the choker style gadget.

It works by picking up life- threatening signals like a pause in breathing (apnoea) or a change in how their heart beats and then sounds an alarm giving the carer enough time to put the patient into the recovery position, which can be enough to kick -breathing again – do administer CPR or all for help.

Barrie and Jan’s 10 year old son Charlie (pictured) died following two seizures within days of each other in 2011.

The couple believe the device, and awareness about Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy, might have saved his life.

If medical professionals responding to our son had realised Charlie was at risk from SUDEP – and this life-saving device had been around – our beautiful boy might still be with us.” said Jan
“Charlie was a healthy, outgoing little boy who loved life and lived life to the full, so to lose him so suddenly was an unbearable shock.”

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