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Breaking the Stigma of Asking for Help – Muscular Dystrophy News

A lot of people think that asking for help is a piece of cake. A walk in the park. But I’ve learned, not only from experience but also from watching other people, that it’s not always that simple. Even now, after living with mitochondrial myopathy for 14 years, asking for help is something I still struggle with.

There seems to be a negative stigma around asking someone for their help. Some people feel it makes them look weak while others are afraid of burdening loved ones. Some individuals may be in denial and feel like another person’s assistance would take away their independence. The reason is different for everyone. Regardless, there is a stigma. A stigma that needs to be broken.

The first step to asking for help is making peace with the fact that you need it. This is usually the hardest part. It’s painful to know your body can no longer do the things it used to. I’ve witnessed family friends and even my grandparents deny medical help because they were afraid to admit that their health had declined. It’s sad to see people you care about suffer. I guess that’s how my parents have felt when I’ve been too stubborn to ask for their help. As a person with a chronic illness, I don’t always realize that I’m putting my health at risk by declining assistance.

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