Boy with Down’s Syndrome thrilled when 50 trick-or-treaters show up after mum’s appeal – Metro

A mum’s heartfelt appeal for trick-or-treaters to visit her disabled son on Halloween led to dozens of people showing up at their door to ‘make his night’.

Daniel Wingfield, who has Down’s syndrome and autism, loves dressing up and greeting trick-or-treaters on his doorstep.

But sadly, in previous years, he barely got any visitors.

His family said that Daniel, 26, would sit at the bottom of the staircase clutching his bowl of sweets ready for callers to knock at the door.

In the past, they had to take it in turns to wear masks and pretend to be the trick-or-treaters themselves so that he would not be too disappointed.

However, this year Daniel’s mum and aunt decided to put an appeal on social media for trick-or-treaters to visit the family home.

The Facebook post, which was shared over 150 times, explained that Daniel does not have many visitors on Halloween and any trick-or-treaters would ‘make his night’.

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