Best supplements for heart disease – 1p a day ‘essential’ capsules to prevent condition –

The heart is essential to the body’s overall health, as it’s required to pump blood around the body and to deliver oxygen.

Keeping the heart healthy is important for leading a healthy life, as organs and cells around the body rely on the heart for a constant supply of fresh blood and oxygen.

Taking some supplements could help to lower the risk of some heart-related health conditions.

Vitamin C supplements could help to lower your cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease, it’s been claimed.

Vitamin C is one of the best-known antioxidants and is essential for leading a healthy life, said physician Dr Stephen Sinatra.

It’s used to get rid of harmful free radicals, boost the immune system, and help to produce collagen.

It could also prevent cholesterol building up in the body, which subsequently lowers the chances of high blood pressure and heart disease.

“Many people think vitamin C is an unimportant nutrient, but nothing could be further from the truth,” said Sinatra.

“This important vitamin can help to delay the onset of cataracts by 10 years. It also helps to promote immune, bone, and joint health.

“But perhaps most importantly, vitamin C supports your heart.

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