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Gardening project run to support people with learning disabilities by ECHO in Leominster devastated by fire at Earl Mortimer College – Hereford Times

A GARDENING project run to support people with learning disabilities and those with mental health needs has been devastated by a fire in Leominster.

Rural Crafts, a project run by local charity ECHO, has been meeting at the site adjacent to the Earl Mortimer College for 20 years.

The fire, which is being investigated by police, has destroyed facilities and left the garden unusable.

Kris Betterton, who leads the project said: “This has been very upsetting for everyone concerned. It’s not just the physical damage that results from an incident like this.

“We can and will, eventually, repair or replace all that is lost. What we can’t fix so easily is the disappointment and sadness felt by those who have worked hard to create this special place. It has taken years to create a place where people feel safe and understood.”

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