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This 19-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Is a CrossFit Superstar – Men’s Health

A short video of a CrossFit athlete performing a power clean began to make the rounds on reddit on Tuesday—and it’s easy to see why. It showed Armand Poreaux, a 19-year old man from France with cerebral palsy, absolutely crushing a move that took him a long time to perfect.

Here’s the incredible video of Poreaux doing a 70 kilogram (or roughly 150 pound) power clean, which was originally shared on the social media accounts of Poreaux’s gym, Remes CrossFit:

What’s it like to do CrossFit training with cerebral palsy? Men’s Health got in touch with the French teen to learn more about his journey.

He’s always embarked on athletic pursuits—including judo, tennis, motocross, speed biking, and bodybuilding—but six months ago, a friend introduced him to CrossFit. “I discovered a complete sport with a tight community, which I have never seen elsewhere,” he said over Facebook Messenger.

It’s because of that tight community that Poreaux’s video went viral: It was his coach who proudly filmed and showed off the athlete’s work on social media.

“When my coach, Alex Richard, posted this video on the Facebook of Remes Crossfit, I never thought it would be so appreciated,” Poreaux said. “I am pleasantly surprised by the reaction of the people and the messages of encouragement I received. If this small insignificant video could bring motivation to people and [show] them that everything is possible, I am very proud of it.”

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